Why Do We Kiss?

Kissing is actually a ritual that almost everyone loves, including me. Well, let’s take a look at what we encounter when we ask the question why for this ritual.

First we see that kissing is not universal among people, even today it has no place in some cultures. According to another study; Relevant questions were asked to 168 different cultures and it was learned that less than half of all societies kiss with their lips. William Jankowiak, also a professor of anthropology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, found that only 46% of them used lip-to-lip kissing in a romantic sense, except for things like parent-child kissing or greetings.

kissing is something in your brain oxytocin It creates an explosion, besides, it releases many chemicals and also occurs in many reactions. We call this situation, which also occurs as human beings, feelings of love and devotion. but as a result of the research done above, we understand that this exciting event does not only cause us to do the kissing ritual.

So why do we kiss for love, for luck, to say hello and goodbye?

According to anthropologists, there are two theories about this situation, where we transfer 80 million bacteria to each other. primary theory kiss feeding This is because it is a learned behavior that evolves from a structure called a so-called structure, that is, it comes from the idea that we have an innate lip touch as babies. kiss-feeding is, in some cultures, the method of mothers feeding their infants by passing chewed food from mouth to mouth. Although there is such a practice in some of today’s modern cultures, this practice is no longer seen in most societies.

The second theory is that just as other creatures engage in courtship behavior, there is a similar behavior such as licking their partner, sniffing their genitals, and flehmen movement, and it may be a pre-preparatory behavior, namely mating (a form of deep or erotic kissing) that has taken its place in most cultures.

whatever the case, kissing behavior is not unique to humans, but primates such as bonobo monkeys frequently kiss each other, and animals such as cats and dogs lick and nose-to-dwell each other and other animals. Even some insects and mollusks touch each other by moving their antennae. Of course, all of these behaviors reinforce the animals‘ feelings of bonding and trust, rather than kissing.

In advance, good kisses to everyone.

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