When Should a Newborn Baby Be Bathed?

Bathing babies right after they are born makes babies vulnerable to external influences.

Canadian hospitals recommend that families bathe their baby at least 8 hours after birth.

bathing the baby as soon as it is born According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology; baby, e. colli, b strep etc. It is much more vulnerable to postpartum infections, such as postpartum infections, and causes the baby to have difficulty maintaining body temperature.

The mucous layer on the skin of the baby when it is first born is a natural moisturizer and a protective layer against infections. It wasn’t dirt or filth. It is a layer that should be wiped with a clean towel and cleaned without washing.

Even in England, it is recommended to apply birth fluid to the body after birth so that babies born by cesarean section do not experience immune problems. In addition, it is emphasized that antibiotics should not be used in the first months of the baby unless it is necessary.


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