Whatsapp: Funny sayings for Father’s Day for your status

May 26th is Father’s Day. To honor your father in a humorous way, you will find the funniest sayings for your Whatsapp status here.

Thursday, May 26th is not only a holiday, but also

fathers day

. And that’s why we’ve put together some funny Father’s Day sayings for you that you can not only send by direct message, but also share in your Whatsapp status, your Instagram story or on Facebook. In this way you not only honor your father, but also make your friends, acquaintances and other followers laugh.

10 funny sayings for Father’s Day for your Whatsapp status

The following sayings are of course to be seen with a little wink. You can directly copy the short texts and share in whatsapp chat and status or other platform. You can also add emojis of your choice.

  • If Father can’t fix it, no one can!

  • Today on Father’s Day you can do whatever you want. So…if mama allows you.

  • Thank you dad for always saying yes when mom said no.

  • Happy Father’s Day from your best swimmer!

  • Have you ever noticed that Mother’s Day is followed by a Monday and Father’s Day by a whole weekend? I’m just saying.

  • Dad, you were always like a father to me!

  • I’ve been looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a long time – but you already have me!

  • Father’s Day, oh Father’s Day, it’s going to be tough for the liver!

  • „Luke I am your father!“ Stephen, my name is Stephen.

  • Dad, you’re not just awesome, you’re the whole toolbox!

  • A father is someone to look up to. It doesn’t matter how big you are!

  • Father’s Day: So that the men can also hear their music.

Can you think of any other great Father’s Day sayings? Write to us using the following feedback button and we may include your comment here.

There are more sayings to send via Whatsapp here:

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