What exactly is the Met Gala, where celebrities wear strange clothes?

What is the Met Gala that usually comes up with the weird outfits of celebrities (famous person)? What is the purpose? Or does it really have a purpose? You are about to learn.
What Exactly Is the Met Gala at Which Celebrities Wear Strange Strange Clothes?
Katy Perry
met gala… what is this parade actually, which comes up with strange dresses worn by celebrities? why has he become so famous?

although the met gala as we know it today is one of the biggest events in fashion, celebrities and pop culture, it was not a night full of popular people, stars and interesting costumes long ago.

it originally started in 1948 as a charity event created by fashion publisher Eleanor Lambert to raise money for the newly founded costume institute.


of course, at that time, this event was not such a place where everyone dressed up or showed their dream costumes. the first gala was a one-night stand where he had dinner (dried beans, rice) and the tickets were fifty dollars. in short, in its few decades, it was one of the many annual charity nights organized for charitable organizations.

when the year came to 1972, diana vreeland saw the light and moved the premiere to her current location, the metropolitan museum of art. he grew the business and made the gala turn into a more global and glamorous event.


the entrance fee for this gala, which evolved from $50, was still less than $1,000 when it went from the 1970s to the 1980s. by 1998, the price of a single ticket had risen to $2,000. three years later, it rose to $ 3,500.

in the 2010s, the met gala began to turn into a celebrity parade of popular culture with the addition of lady gaga, ariana grande, beyoncé, rihanna, the hadid brothers, kardashian-jenner and many other popular culture icons to the gala. until 2016, single-seat ticket prices were US $ 25,000, and a table for 10 people was sold for US $ 250,000. currently, tickets for participation in the met gala 2022 were at the level of 35 thousand dollars.

today, the met gala is still known as one of the largest fundraising events in New York city and the pinnacle of popular culture. according to Forbes, the met gala raised more than $ 175 million for the costume institute.

the last word: if you have a stunning outfit and money, the gala will be waiting for you.

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