The Project That Helped Us Capture Black Holes: The Event Horizon Telescope

What is it, what is not?

event horizon telescope, briefly ehan international project aimed at capturing the first image of a black hole.

Just because you’ve heard the word telescope, don’t immediately think of something like hubble or james webb. the system here very-long-baseline interferometry, that is, the collection of a signal from an astronomical radio source in many radio telescopes around the world. Russians have also used the vlbi technique. For example: (see: radioastron) or by another name (see: spectr-r)

If the intended black hole is sagittarius a. „Wasn’t there a black hole closer?“ You could say yes, but in the size of a black hole, not only distance but also mass matters. From this point of view, sagittarius is again in the forefront in terms of ease of observation.

technically, it’s simply like this

Identical radio telescopes have been receiving data from even the most remote corners of the world for years. including Antarctica. Also referred to here is a network of radio telescopes around the world rather than a space telescope. As you can imagine, the diameter of the virtual telescope created in this way becomes the diameter of the earth. So why is this important?

because the resolution of a telescope basically depends on two factors:

1) the wavelength of the light it observes.
2) diameter

As a matter of fact, the plus of vlbi is that it can provide such a large diameter with little effort, and it is more advantageous than an optical telescope, according to the radio wavelengths it will look at.

Observation is not for pleasure, the purpose is to test Einstein’s general relativity once again.

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