Situation That Fits Perfectly in Different Areas of Life: The Law of Diminishing Yields

To explain with an example from my life experiences

now we have a saturday market here, so i sometimes help my grandfather. We did the shopping and we are returning, when my grandfather thinks that the market cart is too loaded, he recommends that we pull it together. He claims that this way we’ll get home faster and I’ll be less tired. I would explain this to my grandfather based on the law of diminishing returns:

– Grandpa, if we both pull the car, we won’t go home faster, because I’ll be walking at your speed, and I won’t get tired any less because of our height difference, I’d have to walk crookedly and get more tired. In other words, if we pull the car with two people, our efficiency will decrease. aaaaaa! so leave it to me!

That’s what the law of diminishing returns is. If you try to pull the car with three people, everything will go to shit anyway. more will not happen. If you think about it this way, you’re going off topic:

„Let’s get a hundred people together, line up to the front of the house, everyone give the car to someone next to them, we will become many people and the efficiency will increase.“

does not increase, dear, why, then, the production function changes, the technology will have changed!

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