Reasons and Solutions for the Car Not Starting at the First Start

The reasons why the vehicle does not start at one/first start are mostly obvious and you can easily get rid of this annoying situation by spending a little bit of money. The purpose of my writing this article is to find the problem yourself, or even to solve it, without visiting the master. if you go to the industry directly saying „my car doesn’t start at one start“ they can take it from your feet to your pants. have to be careful 🙂

I will first write you the reasons and then let’s look at the solutions.

1st battery

One of the most common problems is a weak battery. you may have just bought the battery, that doesn’t make the battery innocent. Is the alternator feeding the battery intact? Let’s check it in a simple way.

Surely someone around you has a measuring device. With this measuring device, we will measure both the battery and the alternator, and we will also perform a leak test. First of all, this is what we call the measuring device:

secondly, we need a 10/11 or 12/13 open mouth wrench set.

We turn the meter to volt position and set it to 20 as follows; these values ​​may differ on each meter, write things like „v“, „dcv“ and it will be straight line. If you don’t see the correct data on the screen, turn it over „v“ and try. Don’t be afraid, nothing will explode and burn. Then, without starting the car, we touch the red terminal to the positive (+) terminal of the battery (the battery is also red in color and has the + symbol next to it), and the other end to the minus (-) terminal of the battery. If the result is below 12.4, you have found the culprit. but we are not entirely sure, the battery may be good but not getting enough power. To find out, we start the car and do the same measurement again. you should see a result between 14.2 and 14.6 on the screen. lower or higher is dangerous. When the air conditioner, headlights, heater, seat heating etc. are on, this value can go down to 13.6 and it is normal.

If these values ​​are as we want, there is one more test left to do, the leak test. We stop the car, close the doors and lock them, after ten minutes we come to the hood we left open, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and disconnect it from the battery. The reason we wait is because the car goes completely into sleep mode. Even if you lock the car and go, some systems may continue to work. We take the measuring instrument to the ampere (a) part and set the value to 10. We touch one of the terminals to the negative (-) terminal of the battery and the other to the battery cable that we disconnected and read the values ​​on the screen. Up to 0.06 is normal, then there is a leak.

If there is a leak situation and you have some interest and experience, you can easily find where the leak originates by removing the fuses one by one. Let’s say you remove the flasher fuse and the value is reset, the leakage is caused by the flasher button. If the battery is dead, you will have to change the battery, if the alternator does not supply enough, the problem is with the dynamo. You will have to go to the service for the charger.

2. starter motor

A starter motor that turns the engine forcibly at first can relax a little more and start the engine at the second. The only reason for this is that the coals of the starter motor are running out and due to lack of maintenance. starter motor maintenance is around 200 TL in the current date. Let those in Antalya make it green, I’ll do it for free for a few people. In addition, the starter motor may not turn at the desired power due to reasons such as damage to the cable that goes directly from the battery to the starter motor, or lack of contact.

Clean the positive terminal of the battery. Check the thick red wire, see if there is any contact between the ends. With a wd-40 you have in your hand, lie under the front of the car and squeeze the ends of the thick cable entering the starter motor. shake these cables very carefully with your hand and observe if there is any contact. but remember (important!!) that a small mistake you make there will cause the starter motor to spin! If the vehicle is in gear, it walks on you! control without tools! start by removing the negative terminal of the battery if necessary! Do not leave the vehicle in gear before checking!! Do not try to repair there, the smallest mistake you will make will cause the car to burn in park!! If there is no contact, go directly to the electrician and show it. If you accidentally touch the two copper tips you see in the image below, the motor will rotate. The ignition key does not need to be inserted.

starter motor

3. fuel pump

At a time when you know that the car will definitely not start at the first start (you know the car best), turn on the starter but do not start it, wait 10 seconds and turn it off. Do the same operation over and over again 2-3 times without waiting and press the starter. bingo if it worked in one go! you found the problem. Can we say that the fuel pump is going out of hand? no. First of all, we go and change the fuel filter, does the problem persist, we open the tank cap for a while and listen to the air that will come out, is there no air noise? don’t you have any? replace the cover once.. you don’t need to change the key, the hub is removed and the cover is replaced. The problem is most likely caused by this.

Now, before we get into the fuel pump issue, we have one more job for LPG cars. Those who drive LPG cars know that there is a button, we turn on the ignition and hold this button. We start with holding down, if the car started in one go, we can look for the problem in the gas pump. electrician appeared.

4. ignition system

If you have a petrol car, let’s definitely overhaul this system. We start the car. We listen to the sound that will come out by lifting the spark plug wires up one by one (about 1 cm). You will hear a regular clicking clicking sound. If the sound is irregular or not at all, the coil is faulty. Some cars, such as Honda, have 8 of them, while in some, transmission is provided through single and cables. cable failure can be understood by testing by the coil. Be careful not to get an electric shock. don’t work with wet hands and wear gloves, your feet will be knocked off the ground when it hits. it won’t kill you but you won’t feel your arm for a while 🙂 now whatever your luck is, it will change. This test does not provide information about spark plugs. Also change the spark plugs.

5. crank sensor

this sensor may cause delayed start, but if it stalls out of nowhere (especially when the engine is hot), it can be suspect. If the engine stops when hot and starts after three or five starts, you can search for the problem here.

6. engine oil

Especially in the morning, when the engine is cold, the engine is struggling or does not start, but if there is no problem during the day, change the engine oil.

7. glow plugs

In diesel cars, the problem is most likely the glow plugs. If the car starts and stalls, the problem is not with the glow plugs. return hoses lead the way in this regard. have the return hoses checked regularly and replace the fuel filter.

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