If You Want to Extend the Life of Your Car, Things to Consider About Engine Oil

No comment on oil change. If you read on the internet about the frequency of changing the engine oil, there are differences of opinion from 5 thousand to 30 thousand. like a joke. If you believe and apply what you read, one day you will get the engine in your lap.

engine oil is an important issue. If you put it thin, it will decrease when the engine is hot and the lubrication will not be as it should. abrasions occur. you put it thick, it doesn’t lubricate when the engine is cold, it doesn’t turn, etc… At the end of the process, you find yourself searching for engine oil additives and those additives are useless. oh sometimes it helps; For example, when purchasing a smoke-filled car, such as a steam locomotive, it can temporarily stop smoking and burning oil. you believe and buy and your world will collapse on you at the first oil change.

I will write you the correct one now.

You open the car’s owner’s manual and it says in detail at what mileage it will be changed and what type of oil to use. Those things don’t happen to your head. The regional user manuals are different, different replacement periods may be recommended for a car of the same model in different countries. Of course, the change periods of vehicles whose engines burn oil and have a certain lubrication system failure, and vehicles that are specially designed for a purpose, will be different, but this does not interest you much.

If your vehicle is burning oil and there is a constant serious decrease in oil, the oil change is not done until the vehicle’s malfunction is eliminated, but it is continued incrementally. It is a risky process and requires extreme caution.

Even in a brand new car, a certain amount of oil reduction is considered normal. For this reason, the oil level should be checked regularly, for example three to four thousand kilometers before the oil change time is approaching. In summer heat, this amount may increase after harsh usage conditions.

If you see the following image while checking the oil level, go to a service center as soon as possible and have the necessary checks done:

Also, the same consistency can be seen in engine water. The final result is obtained after the necessary tests, but it means that there is a high probability of motor cancer.

So is the oil used in summer and winter the same?

no it is not. The oil label on the version of your car sold in a different country may be different. You can be sure that you will use different oil when using a car you bought from Erzurum in Antalya. fluidity should be different according to climatic conditions. You can get the necessary information about this from your vehicle’s user manual. An important point is: If the engine has a certain malfunction, the oil used can be changed after the decision of the master. Putting thick oil in old engines is common, but the solution is temporary.

Let me rewrite; No matter how old your vehicle is, the engine oil and change periods you will use should be as recommended by the factory. otherwise is unacceptable. You can definitely get information from the authorized service about the oil used in your region. Be insistent on this issue during the oil change and follow the factory data.

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