How to calculate how long your pool pump needs to run

With a pool, it is assumed that the content should have run through the filter system twice within a day in order to achieve the optimal cleaning effect. The necessary switch-on time therefore depends on the water volume and the throughput of the filter system. With our calculator you can determine the necessary running time of your pool pump.

This is how you determine the necessary running time of your pool pump

  1. Check the pump to see how much water flow it brings. On a rating plate, the value is often with the code letter Q and is usually given in m³/h, i.e. the cubic meters of water flowing through per hour of running time of the filter pump.

    Type plate pool pump - (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)
    Type plate pool pump – (Photo: Markus Schraudolph)

  2. In the calculator below, enter the dimensions in one of the two sub-forms depending on the shape of the pool.
  3. Click on the respective button to determine the water volume.
  4. Enter the pump flow rate read from the rating plate.
  5. Click on the last button.
  6. In the last field you can now read the necessary running time of your pool pump per day, i.e. the water is circulated twice in total.

Would you also like to know how much electricity your pool pump costs per month for this period? Then use ours simple electricity cost calculator.

How to calculate the pump running time yourself

Calculate the content of your pool. For a rectangular pool, the formula for this is:

Water depth in meters * length * width.

For a round pool, measure the mean diameter and calculate approximately:

Water depth * diameter * diameter * 0.79

A typical quick-up pool with a diameter of 3.60 m at the bottom has an average diameter of around 3.10 m and a water depth of 0.8 m and a water content of around 6 m³.

Now divide twice the water content by the pump throughput and get the running time in hours.

If the filter system manages 4 m³/h as shown in the picture and the pool holds 6 m³ of water, that is, for example, 3 hours that the system should run every day to keep the water clean.

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