How Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Like Cipralex, Lustral, and Prozac Work

selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors; It would be wrong to make a judgment about it based on hearsay information. antidepressant drug group. For those who will start using it, it is essential to know a few important points from the beginning.

1. What is this serotonin reuptake inhibitor, what does it do?

briefly called ssri (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and fluoxetine (prozac, zedprex, fulsac etc.), paroxetine (paxil, seroxate etc.), fluvoxamine (faverine), citalopram (cipram, citol, citara etc.), escitalopram (cipralex, citoles, eslorex, losiram etc.), sertraline (lustral, seralineetc.) antidepressant group drugs that contain active substances such as serotonin Adjusts the hormone balance.

Many have heard of serotonin as the „happiness hormone“. This hormone is naturally produced by each body itself. In cases of depression, since the body is generally unable to fully benefit from the serotonin it produces, such drugs regulate it and ensure to benefit from as much as necessary. they do not give us serotonin from the outside, they just enable us to use our own serotonin in the most effective way.

The effect of such antidepressants is not only „relaxing“ but also „therapeutic“ most of the time.

2. side effects

It was quite normal, even expected, to see severe side effects in the first 15-20 days, especially for those who started using this kind of drug for the first time. What could be the most common side effect? let’s say right away: nausea, gastrointestinal problems, palpitations, feeling of constriction (even users who describe side effects as „I thought I was dying“ sometimes happen), sleep disorders and the like. In short, almost every strangeness we see in ourselves when we start taking the drug is probably due to the effect of this drug.

The most important thing to do at this point is to keep in mind that all these effects are quite normal and that if we continue to use the drug with determination, all these will turn into a painful memory for 15-20 days at the latest.

Also, if we say side effects, the severity of them varies a lot from person to person. There is absolutely no such thing as necessarily the same things for everyone, but with the same intensity. Some even experience no side effects. It is precisely these effects that usually cause users to quit the drug at the beginning of the treatment, before even feeling the effect of the drug, but believe me, it will pass. (Except in very special circumstances, of course.)

3. recovery time

The minimum duration of treatment for such drugs is 6 months. Thank you for the feeling of relief, but you shouldn’t expect any „healing results“ in 3-5 months. In some cases, such drugs are used for years, but also with confidence. In other words, at the very beginning, one should accept in advance a relationship of at least 6 months. otherwise, the relapse rate of the conditions that caused us to use the drug may increase.

Since the constant presence of this drug in the blood at a certain level after starting the drug is also very important for the body balance, even interruptions of 2-3 days can lead to severe symptoms called „withdrawal symptoms“ and can make the person worse than before starting the drug. .. if we have started, we should consider very regular daily use in advance.

As soon as we start taking the drug, we should not expect its good effects and lightening our lives. The curative effects of such drugs (with regular use of course) do not begin before 1-1.5 months and we feel these good effects gradually afterward. so little patience…

4. Quit Process

We used our medicine regularly, we even completed our 6 months, we are very satisfied with the situation and we think that we no longer need this medicine. er, what to do now? At this point, he should definitely not leave the drug with a bang. Sudden discontinuation of the drug may also cause severe concussions, and we should definitely consult a doctor and stop gradually, as suggested by him.

5. Another important issue to consider

and these drugs mao inhibitors taking it with a group of antidepressants called (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) serotonin syndrome It is better not to do anything unconsciously, as it can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening severe effects, called so-called mao inhibitors aurorix, azilect and you moved such as drugs. Although it has been mentioned in some studies that a combination of mao inhibitors and SSRI can be used in some special cases, this requires a very precise adjustment of the profit-loss balance in the treatment and a very controlled dosage.

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