From a General Surgery Instructor: What is the Ideal Age Range for Circumcision?

As a general surgery teacher, I can say that the ideal time for circumcision is before the age of 2 or after the age of 6.

psychologically: The period between the ages of 2 and 6 is not a suitable age for circumcision. Circumcision to children aged 2-6 results in psychological trauma. because the most precious organs of children in this period are their penises.

professionally: I have not circumcised any child between the ages of 2-6 until today, I refused these requests despite much insistence and social pressure.

personally: I do not believe in the benefits of circumcision. whether it’s clean or anything like that… I’m one of those who believe that the motto of „Jewish and non-Muslim societies have very dirty dicks“ is an urban legend.

medically: There is no excess skin or it is removed… Namely, I have not encountered an excess of a normal tissue or organ in the human body, except for some anomalies. Surgical circumcision is an operation in itself and is mandatory in certain situations. (see: phimosis) (see: paraphimosis) (see: balanoposthitis). there is also a nerve that receives the sense of touch in the skin that is cut all around. Also, Turks seem to ejaculate a little early, although no one admits it, the data is in this direction…

socially: I have a son, 6.5 years old, it’s time for circumcision. but my soul does not allow circumcision, but due to the potential pressures it may experience in social and school, I will probably have it done, albeit difficult…

by law: It is a crime to touch a person’s bodily integrity. It is also unscrupulous to rule over the bodies of those who are unable to decide for themselves.

by religion: It is not fard, it is sunnah as it is called. It is rumored that it was passed down by the Jews.

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