Cleanly uninstall programs – the best uninstallers

These tools cleanly uninstall programs that are no longer required and declare war on fat chaos programs that are scattered all over the hard drive.

When they are installed, programs – whether office tools or games – like to write themselves into many different folders, create a link here and store a few saves there. The overview is quickly lost and forgotten folders remain on the hard drive when deleted. There they not only steal valuable storage space, the data salad also makes the search for individual files unnecessarily difficult. Uninstallers are programs (often even free) that have declared war on such chaos programs.

They take different approaches to cleaning up: Some analyze the entire database and track down as many program parts as possible – no matter where they are. The others create snapshots of the system even before a program is installed. If the user deletes a program, the uninstallers compare before and after and thus filter out all program components. Many developers also advertise that their uninstaller is not only more thorough than the Windows uninstaller, but also faster. The Revo Uninstaller, for example, should also perform deinstallations where Windows aborts with an error message. The developer calls this „Forced Uninstall“ – i.e. forced deletion.

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